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"Everything's Better
With Hot Sauce"

Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Jesse developed an affinity for spicy foods at a very young age. His love toward the culinary inferno eventually led him to be a connoisseur of foods many consider indelicate.

Jesse eventually found his way into the world of food service and honed his attentive focus toward cooking. Very high consumer demand for unique zesty condiments soon brought Jesse to realize his own potential as a harbinger of change in the hot sauce universe.
"I've always had a passion for cooking. I worked a few years in the culinary world and loved every minute of it. A lot of my satisfaction came out of seeing the happy expression and smile on people's faces after they took that first bite,"
"Two years ago I decided to grow chili peppers as a hobby. I had about 30 different types of chili's and was experimenting with cross pollination to come up with a flavor that I liked best."

Jesse began sharing his hot sauce with friends and family and word of mouth quickly spread. Before he knew it, almost everyone he came into contact with was asking for a bottle. What started as a hobby has now become the essence of Jesse's day to day life.
His intense determination and experimentation bred the unique strain of habanero that is now in every bottle of Jesse's Hot Sauce.
So, if you've found yourself burnt on the same old hot sauces - spice up your life with Jesse's Hot Sauce!
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